A casual Japanese inspired restaurant where small/medium sized dishes, sushi , beer and natural wine can be shared around the table.

We are a place that serves Japanese inspired food with mostly Scandinavian ingredients that are carefully selected, that changes with the seasons. Our Izakaya consists of sushi, small & medium sized dishes you either share around your table or with yourself. Order a dish that goes along with your drink or grab a few to make it a dinner. Our Izakaya is both open for spontaneous visitors and planned reservations. Naturally, we have a little twist on the dishes we serve in a true Saikō spirit.

We love drop-ins but living on the edge these days are not recommended, make a reservation. Are you more than five? Please call us!

Gift card are available under Book a table too.

We love to make food tastier, better and more fun. Give your guests something to talk about. We make food for home dinners, corporate events, parties, weddings and all other celebrations. You can either order traditional catering where we deliver the food to you or letting us make the food where you are.

Contact us, and together we can make a menu that suits you.